Welcome to Thule!

A distant land located just beyond the borders of the known world. It was lost and cut off from the rest of the lands eons ago when a dark wizard lost control of an immortal gem which was destroyed causing a magical imbalance between the elemental forces. Thule lost access to all magic and was isolated. Its inhabitants have long since forgotten about magic. The books have vanished over time with knowledge of the once powerful spellbinders. The people of Thule thrived and lived peacefully all these years until an Astronomical Alignment of the planets occurred. During this alignment a gate opened in Thule bridging the lost world with the new. Not only did magic return to the land but evil forces that had once been locked out also crept in through the magic portal. There is no longer a single savior to rid the land of evil and save the day. To defeat this evil and maintain order will require many champions to come forth and band together.


  • Open World : Discover the world and enjoy it at your own convenience

  • Exploration and experimentation is rewarded with unlocking secrets, finding new items and treasure!

  • Free character development - No class limitation. You have the option to build your character any way you like.

  • Loot: Weapons, Armor, Potions, Spells, Money, and more!

  • Advanced Crafting: Build your own weapons and armor thanks to a complex and challenging crafting system.

  • Mounts: Including riding and flying mounts!

  • Destructible environments: From small walls to complete parts of an area. The environment is customizable!

  • Sieges: Castle Sieges against communities!

  • Housing: Create your own house and proudly showcase your special gear in a non-instanced housing system!

  • Full PvP: Full open PvP system! Beware getting a bad reputation from PKing, it can cost you a lot in the end.

  • Mature story full of secrets to discover exploring the world

Development Team

  • ART/ANIMATION: The work done by a visual development artist closely relates to a concept artist. Visual development artists create the mood, tone, and color palette of every piece they create. This can include environments, characters, clothing, props, you name it. The job is very demanding but also offers incredible freedom in actually designing an imaginary world from scratch.

  • AUDIO/SOUND: A sound designer is the person who generates and manipulates audio elements. The art of creating and adding audio elements can be just a daunting as the graphic development. This involves creating entire libraries of custom sound effects to give the game a sense of realism and uniqueness. The goal of the sound designer is to work together with the design and animation team to create rich audio that fits the virtual experience being developed.

  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Is responsible for building the community during the development of the game. It is so much easier to distribute your game if you have a community to distribute it to.

  • ENGINEER/strong>: Gaming engineers work with developers on the entire process of creating a video game. Beginning with the concept development and initial prototype development, an engineer will provide knowledge of programming and the realities of game design. Engineers are responsible for creating coding sequences to create game play,

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: A professional QA tester doesn’t just sit by the television, crack a Mountain Dew, and saunter through level 5 of the latest shooter; he or she spends 14 straight hours running into different walls to see if they’re all solid. Proper video-game testing is more akin to abstract puzzle-solving than it is to getting a top score in Donkey Kong.

  • GAME DESIGN: Game designers are like movie directors, defining the style and ensuring consistency of the game's look and feel. They are the visionaries, but they also have to come up with an exciting story that will produce good gameplay.

  • MODELER: The modeler does the lighting, the level design, the character design, the animations and so on.